livrare-mancare-rawhrană vie? ingrediente raw-vegane?

if you can not reach us, there’s no problem. through the catering service we immediately bring you any of the delicious rawdia dishes.

you choose your order and destination whether you are at home, in the office, or you just want to make a wonderful surprise to someone dear.


– at rawdia we change the list of preparations every week. Consult aici meniul săptămânii.

– order early. at the scheduled time we’re at your door. In all other cases, the deliver takes approximately 1 – 2,5 hours.

– preparations are delivered within the existing stock limit. consult their availability when ordering.

– make sure your location is in our supply area.

– Saturday we do not deliver. we are waiting for you, between 12:00 and 17:00, directly in the restaurant to enjoy the delicious rawdia dishes.

– call at +40-785-268-659 and we bring your delicious rawdia products with the greatest pleasure and speed. If the phone is busy or seems to be closed, please insist. the restaurant is downstairs and the signal gets harde

order picking: Monday 11:00 – 15:30 | Tuesday – Friday 9:30 – 15:30
deliveries: Monday – Friday 11.30 – 16.00

is your birthday? we celebrate with a 10% discount on all our sweets and cakes.

area 0 – minimum order 50 ron, free shipping: within 4 km of the restaurant. Dorobanţi, Floreasca, Aviatorilor, Tei, Herăstrău, Nae Caramfil, Aviaţiei, Barbu Văcărescu, Stefan cel mare, Victoriei, Romană, Universităţii, Unirii, Colentina, Piaţa presei, Arcul de triumf, Bucureştii noi, Pipera, Băneasa.

area 1 – minimum order 50 ron, transport fee 10 lei: for a distance of 4 to 10 km from the restaurant.

area Otopeni, Mogoşoaia, Buftea, Baloteşti, Snagov, Periş, Moara Vlăsiei, Tunari şi Stefăneştii de jos – call at rawdia Corbeanca 0727 111 666.

Conform Directivei 2000/13/CE A PARLAMENTULUI EUROPEAN SI A CONSILIULUI DIN 20 Martie 2000 alergenii din alimente se pot incadra in urmatoarele grupe:

1. Cereale care contin gluten (grau, secara, orz, ovaz, grau spelt, grau mare sau hibrizi ai acestora) si produse derivate;

2. Arahide si produse derivate;

3. Soia si produse derivate;

4. Fructe cu coaja, adica migdale (Amydalus communis L.), alune de padure (Corylus avellana), nuci (Iuglas regia), anacarde (Anacardium occidentale), nuci Pecan [Caraya illinoiesis (Wangenh.) K. Koch)], nuci de Brazilia (Bertholletia excelsa), fistic (Pistacia vera), nuci de Macadamia si nuci de Queesland (Macadamia ternifolia) si produse derivate;

5. Telina si produse derivate;

6. Mustar si produse derivate;

7. Seminte de susan si produse derivate;

8. Lupin si produse derivate; In cazul in care suferiti de o alergie, va rugam sa solicitati informatii suplimentare inainte de efectuarea comenzii.

Va multumim!

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