Loyalty points (reward points) are offered as a bonus to rawdia (Bucharest) customers  for any online order regardless of its value.

The value of loyalty points

The value of a loyalty point is equal to 00.1 lei (100 points = 1 lei). Each existing product on the site www.rawdia.ro has displayed below its price the equivalent of its value in loyalty points.

You can view at any time in your account the number of points available, as well as the number of points obtained for each order placed depending on the date of placing the order. By accessing the “My Account” section, click on the “My Points” button to display them.

Once you have points available in your account, they can be used to receive price reductions when you place a new order.

Rules for the use of points

The value of a loyalty point is 00.1 lei (100 points = 1 lei).
Loyalty points are earned after placing an order, or when a new account has been created,
Points for placing an order will be credited to your account once your order has been completed.

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