About rawdia

rawdia is a vegetarian and raw-vegan restaurant and shop where you can find both predominantly raw-vegan dishes, ingredients and friends who share with you the same beliefs about a healthy and clean lifestyle. In the gallantry awaits you, full of vitality, live food preparations and superfoods, specialties from bread made with maya, raw breads, snacks, creams, pates, soups, salads, desserts and juices & smoothies, all super delicious.

rawdia subscription

We offer you a weekly subscription, consisting of a daily menu full of goodies: raw soups or hot soups, a main course full of flavor, desserts and delicious drinks.
In addition to saving money, we pamper you with healthy food every day. daily.

rawdia franchise

The rawdia franchise is the successful solution for anyone who wants to open a profitable business in the field of raw-vegan restaurants. A raw-vegan restaurant has multiple advantages over classic restaurant service, from the short serving time to the quality, freshness and fast turnover of products, but especially due to the much smaller investment in the case of classic restaurants

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