Do you want to eat the most nutritious and tasty raw dishes “a la rawdia” and lose weight healthily?

we offer you a slim menu, of maximum 1300 kcalories, made up of a daily menu full of goodies: raw soups or hot soups, main dishes full of flavor, full dinner and delicious drinks.
in addition to saving money, we pamper you with healthy foods every day and help you lose weight harmoniously. day by day.


– The slim menu can start any day of the week. if you want to start on Monday, send us the order by Friday, 14:00. orders received after this time will be processed on Monday, and the menu will reach you starting Tuesday.
– payment is made in cash on the first delivery, if you need an invoice, don’t forget to send us your details.
– the menu is displayed on the weekend for the current week, so you know in advance what you will enjoy.
– if there are changes (delivery address, one of the days you are not at the location to take over the menu, etc.), please let us know the day before, until 14:00. after this time, our colleagues are no longer at the office to make the change, and the menu will be delivered according to the details previously established.
– the slim menu can be picked up directly from rawdia or can be delivered, without an additional transport fee, in the following areas: dorobanti, floreasca, aviatorilor, tei, herăstrău, nae caramfil, aviaţiei, barbu văcărescu, ştefan cel mare, victorie, romana, university, union, colentina, press market, triumphal arch, new bucharest, pipera, băneasa.
– orders are made at 0785.268.659 or


5-9 slim menus in the same location – 5% discount.
10-14 slim menus in the same location – 10% discount.
over 15 subscriptions – is established according to each case.


free of charge

slim menu

From: 450.00 lei

Do you want to eat the most nutritious and tasty raw food every day and lose weight healthily?



îţi propunem un meniu slim, de maxim 1300 kcalorii, alcătuit dintr-un meniu zilnic plin de bunătăţi: supe raw sau supe calde, feluri principale pline de savoare, cina satioasa și băuturi delicioase.

Pe lângă faptul că economiseşti bani, te răsfăţăm cu preparate sănătoase în fiecare zi si te ajutam sa slabesti armonios. zi de zi.

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